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I am developing an application and i want to distribute it via over the air (which is introduced in iOS4 for enterprise apps). I am able to send my app via OTA successfully, but i am facing a problem while upgrading the app.

I am using the same bundle identifier for the app upgradation and i am just changing the version of the app before building the application.

But, if I install the updated app on the device using OTA, it is upgrading the application but it is not retaining the data. [my app contains some downloaded pdf files which i am storing in NSCachedDirectory]. I am able to see the archived data in upgaraded app but the files which i have written to NSCachedDirectory i am not able to see.

I have tried using NSDocumentsDirectory as well, but i am getting the same result. can anyone please help me in this.

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Why don't you use the amazing www.testflightapp.com to help you? It works pretty well, keeps data for upgrades, and you can use it together with iVersion, so you don't need to send emails to update your users.

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