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I'm trying to iterate through an array of elements. jQuery's documentation says:

jquery.Each() documentation

Returning non-false is the same as a continue statement in a for loop, it will skip immediately to the next iteration.

I've tried calling 'return non-false;' and 'non-false;' (sans return) neither of which skip to the next iteration. Instead, they break the loop. What am i missing?

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What they mean by non-false is:

return true;

So this code:

var arr = [ "one", "two", "three", "four", "five" ];
$.each(arr, function(i) {
    if(arr[i] == 'three') {
        return true;

Will alert one, two, four, five

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Worked for me - Thank you –  user2095686 Mar 15 '13 at 12:24

By 'return non-false', they mean to return any value which would not work out to boolean false. So you could return true, 1, 'non-false', or whatever else you can think up.

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+1 for return 'non-false'; –  J Cooper Jan 26 '09 at 22:24
why not just for explicities sake " return 'continue';" –  Alex Mills Feb 17 at 7:13

Javascript sort of has the idea of 'truthiness' and 'falsiness'. If a variable has a value then, generally 9as you will see) it has 'truthiness' - null, or no value tends to 'falsiness'. The snippets below might help:

var temp1; 
if ( temp1 )...  // false

var temp2 = true;
if ( temp2 )...  // true

var temp3 = "";
if ( temp3 ).... // false

var temp4 = "hello world";
if ( temp4 )...  // true

Hopefully that helps?

Also, its worth checking out these videos from Douglas Crockford

The Javascript language

Javascript - The Good Parts

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Dont forget that you can sometimes just fall off the end of the block to get to the next iteration:

$(".row").each( function() {
    if ( ! leaveTheLoop ) {
        ... do stuff here ...

Rather than actually returning like this:

$(".row").each( function() {
    if ( leaveTheLoop ) 
        return; //go to next iteration in .each()
    ... do stuff here ...
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