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Is it possible to usefully extract MSIL from an Assembly object without loading the type information?

I have a simple application that takes a string and attempts to dynamically create a method for making very fast calculations, but I want to avoid loading assembly/type information by using the CodeCompileUnit to compile a C# code string, extract the MSIL from the compiled assembly, and emitting the MSIL into a DynamicMethod. If this is possible.

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It is not fully clear to me what you want to achieve, but it seems to me you're looking for a way to compile C# code while having it available as dynamically loadable method (and to achieve this copy the compiler generated MSIL) instead of invoking the compiled assembly? – Johannes Rudolph Jan 27 '11 at 18:23
I am yes. Invoking the compiled assembly seems to cause a memory-leak as the assembly cannot then be unloaded; and my application would potentially have a very large number of dynamically loaded methods. – Toby Wilson Jan 31 '11 at 15:07

Have a look at Mono.Cecil which helps you to read/modify/create assembly without loading them.

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The only way to get MSIL is to call MethodBase.GetMethodBody Method. But it requires loading of type first.

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Use System.Reflection.Emit directly. For dynamic methods you don't even need a type.

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