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I was just wondering if it is possible to change the default packages from Play. For example: I want to change the "controllers" package to "com.test.controllers". I don't know if this makes any sense, but I just want to know how if it is possible. I did not find anything related to this in play website.

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Updated to make the distinction between play1 and 2 clear.

For Play 1.x, this is not possible.

No, all controllers must be in a package, or sub package of controllers. If you wanted to keep a com.test package structure, you can do controllers.com.test

For more info, see this thread.

For Play2.x, this is possible.

So the simple answer is...it depends, on whst version of Play you are using.

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No longer the case, as noted in other answers (just in case people get the wrong idea). –  Andrew Swan Oct 10 '13 at 23:52
not quite that simple. Play 2 indeed does allow this, but current versions of Play 1. I make the distinction because Play 1 and Play 2 are very different frameworks, and it isn't a simple upgrade path. –  Codemwnci Oct 11 '13 at 6:13

According to the current Play 2.0 documentation, this is now possible:

Note that in Play 2.0, the controllers, models and views package name conventions are now just that and can be changed if needed (such as prefixing everything with com.yourcompany).

This works well for an empty Play application, there are however some details to take note of for anything else:

  1. Importing custom namespaces into view templates will work for any types except for those that are declared in the first line of a template, which are the arguments for the scala render function that is generated out of a view. Our workaround is to add the full package name to type declarations in the first line of view templates.
  2. For every namespace defined in the routes file (e.g. a custom package and the default package for the Assets route), Play 2.0 generates a corresponding routes source file within the same namespace, so you need to take care to address the correct file when e.g. doing redirection.
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I had some trouble understanding point 2 - assuming we move from the default package to package foo.bar then it means any remote routes in the views need to change from routes.Application.method to foo.bar.controllers.Application.method. –  Mark Butler Aug 18 '13 at 10:33
Let's say you have a controller MyController with a handler method called myMethod. If you move it from the "controllers" package to "com.example.controllers", you have to (1) in your Scala templates, change @routes.MyController.myMethod() to @com.example.controllers.routes.MyController.myMethod() and (2) in your controller class itself, change any redirects that it makes (e.g. after POSTing a form) from controllers.routes.MyController.someMethod() to com.example.controllers.routes.MyController.someMethod(). –  Andrew Swan Oct 10 '13 at 23:49

From the manual:

A Controller class must be defined in the controllers package and must be a subclass of play.mvc.Controller.

You can add a Java package before the Controller class name if it isn’t defined directly under the controllers package. The controllers package itself is implicit, so you don’t need to specify it.

This means that you can't change your controllers package to com.test.controllers (because the root package must be controllers), but you can change to controllers.com.test.

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It's now possible. See answer stackoverflow.com/a/9994758/808125 below –  Grigory Kalabin Oct 31 '12 at 19:19

There is a discussion of this here.

Also there is this in the FAQ.

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