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This is driving me crazy! I can't get the PayPal express (Payflow?) api to work....

paypal sandbox tells me:

Test Account: AAAA.B_CCCCCCCCCC_biz@XXXXX.com

API Username: AAAA.B_CCCCCCCCCC_biz_api1.XXXXX.com



in the paypayfunctions.php i wrote:






And when I test the service, all i get is "SetExpressCheckoutDetails API call failed. Error Message: Invalid vendor accountError Code: 26"

The PayPal documentation and examples are terribly complex, all I want to do is having a simple button that links to paypal to start the payment of XXX euro's to account YYYY....

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

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I have to agree, the PayPal documentation is a mess. Bits of information are scattered across several PayPal sites, parts of the documentation are inaccurate and some basic things are nowhere to be found. –  Niels van der Rest Jan 27 '11 at 13:47

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Express Checkout and Payflow are two separate PayPal services. Your sandbox credentials (which include a signature) are for Express Checkout. The script asks for a partner, which is specific to Payflow.

  1. What do you want to use? Express Checkout or Payflow? See the paragraphs below for more information on the two.
  2. Are you sure the script is for Express Checkout?
  3. Is the script connecting to the sandbox or live API? The Express Checkout sandbox API is located at https://api-3t.sandbox.paypal.com/nvp.

Express Checkout is primarily used for payments using a PayPal account. You can set up a sandbox environment at developer.paypal.com. Within the sandbox you can create test accounts, at sandbox.paypal.com. See the PayPal API Reference for more details.

Payflow is a payment gateway that allows you to pay using a credit card or checks, among others. PayPal accounts are not supported by Payflow. You can sign up for an account, which can be used for testing and real payments after you upgrade the account. See the User's Guide for Payflow Link (PDF) for more details.

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It seemed I mixed up Payflow with PayPal! I created a paypal sandbox account, but I used a Payflow api... I corrected this already and now I get to the part where I can actually make the (sandbox) payment. I noticed that page doesn't display the amount to be payed....any idea why that is? Thanks for the reply! –  Dirk Jan 27 '11 at 14:12
@Dirk: Not from the top of my head, and I don't have any time to look into it right now, sorry. Glad to see you got it working though :) –  Niels van der Rest Jan 27 '11 at 14:28
Years later and this is still causing confusion. The person responsible for naming the various Paypal payment methods should be flogged. –  pspahn Feb 25 at 23:11

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