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I add a web reference to my wse 3.0 service in Visual Studio 2005 and my intellisense shows the name of my service like MyServiceWse (it adds the WSE extension to the name).

I also have access to SetClientCredentials() where I pass in my UsernameToken, everything works fine.

In Visual Studio 2008 I don't have the proxy class with MyServiceWse, I have MyService only, so I don't have access to SetClientCredentials() etc.

What is going on?

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Last I read, WSE support is not directly available in VS 2008. There are some manual techniques in the link below which you can try out. I am also waiting for a better solution.

WSE 3.0 and Visual Studio 2008?

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WCF would be a better solution than WSE. WSE is obsolete, and has been replaced by WCF.

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