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I have deployed mail server in the intranet. Whenever I try to send email from my corporate email server, the mail does not get delivered. Gives error like IP not found. But when I deploy mail server on DMZ (cloud), it works.

So when both corporate email server & my test mail server are in same intranet, why the email gets bounced?

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Belongs on – Paul R Jan 27 '11 at 12:59

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Check DNS MX record for the domain from the email address used in To: field. The sending server will try to deliver your email to one of the MX-servers first.

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Maybe you should run a test on your email server to make sure you don't have any config problems. You could try it's a free online tool that I think works well. It runs a series of security tests on all mail servers defined in the MX record for your domain and will give you recommendations on the problems found.

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