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Ok,I went through suggested questions which are concerned with
"Multiple forms in a single asp.net page".

I want to know if there are any drawbacks in using multiple forms.

A little background on my issue,I am using YUI dialog in an asp.net page. YUI dialog works with an html form. So,ultimately,I was having two nested forms inside a single page.

To workaround, I closed the asp.net form just before my dialog code and when dialog code is finished, Am having another form :

<form  method="post" action="#">

So that further semantics are preserved. Ok,Do you guyz see anything wrong with this approach that might be encountered considering asp.net model.

Just wanted to know the opinion ..

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Are you using aspnet web forms? In which case multiple forms are not supported - the client side javascript libraries assume one form and the server side will barf if you have more than one form with runat=server.

Are you posting back to different urls in each form? This also is a problem in web forms. I think a bit more information is required, please ;-).

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No.Only one runat=server form.the issue "was" that YUI dialog is must be inside a simple form.So,that was causing issue of nested form.So,I close the form tag before the yui and start another form tag with syntax as shown in above line .Am assuming ,action='#' actually restore those semantics of server side form.Am i right?Consider a general master page scenario –  Barney Jan 27 '11 at 16:31
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