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I need to assign the Euro or the Pound symbol to a variable. How can i do this?

String euro = "";// What i have to write here??
System.out.println(euro);// I need to print euro symbol
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You can put the symbol itself into the string –  fmucar Jan 27 '11 at 13:08
here you go ;) € –  sotix Sep 9 '13 at 18:05

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String euro = "\u20ac";
String pound = "\u00a3";

System.out.println("pound = " + pound);
System.out.println("euro = " + euro);
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If you can't type it then you could use the unicode value for euro:

String euro = "\u20AC";

If you're doing this however, best practice is to comment it and / or save it as a constant field for clarity (unexplained unicode literals in code are just plain confusing!):

public static final String POUND = "\u00A3";
public static final String EURO = "\u20AC";
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That helped in android too, +1 for it –  Zoombie Aug 24 '12 at 14:33
public final static char EURO = '\u20ac';
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I'd wonder if you'd be better off using the currency formatter for numbers in the java.text package. IF there's ever a chance that you'd want to use something other than euro, based on locale, this would be a better choice.

You might also think about a Money class. I think you need a better abstraction than mere Strings or doubles for programs that involve cash.

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There are two ways:

  • Type or copy/paste the Euro/Pound symbol into your source code. This requires the editor/IDE to support these characters (typically not a problem) and to use an encoding that does (potentially a problem), and for the compiler to use the same encoding (potentially a problem). Overall, this is risky since it can break whenever something in the development or build environment changes.
  • Use a unicode escape sequence in the source code: \u20AC is the Euro sign, \u00A3 the Pound sign.
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What would be the point of doing

String euro = "€";
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Since this was downvoted for no reason, I add that the source file is in ISO-8859-15 or Unicode –  rds Aug 29 '11 at 14:09

You should do it like this:

String euro = "\u20AC";
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A full list of Unicode currency symbols is available as a pdf here.

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