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I am developing an online store for my customer and, we only have one website in our Magento setup.

In the admin panel when I go to Add a customer screen, in the "Associate to Website" field I see "Admin" selected by default. I would like to have my website there by default.

I think one possible way would be to write some code in: Mage_Adminhtml_Block_Customer_Edit_Tab_Account::initForm

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Or You can simply edit array in:

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I took the hint from Lrrr's answer and populated the drop-down with only user added websites, that is "Please Select" and "Admin" are no more available as options there by adding the following line:


at the end of this function:


The ideal way would be of course to override the above function in one's own module, but in our case overriding the above class creates conflict for another extension that we have installed, so I took this way round.

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The cleanest way to do this is the just set the default value in your database. This will require no code changes at all.

UPDATE eav_attribute
SET default_value = 1
WHERE attribute_code = 'website_id'

The sample MySQL statement above sets your default website_id to 1.

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