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trying to integrate gmf with xpand.

I created a menu, and command using extensions in gmf manifest file. and am trying to invoke xpand generator.

The code for the command is as shown below

public class customCommand extends AbstractHandler implements IHandler {

public Object execute(ExecutionEvent event) throws ExecutionException {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub

Shell s=HandlerUtil.getActiveShell(event);
MessageBox mb=new MessageBox(s,SWT.None);

WorkflowRunner runner = new WorkflowRunner();
Bundle bundle=Platform.getBundle("MistScriptGenerator"); 
URL wfUrl = bundle.getEntry("src/workflow/generator.oaw");
String wfFile = "";

try {

wfFile = FileLocator.toFileURL(wfUrl).getFile();

Map<String, String> properties = new HashMap<String, String>();
//properties.put("model", $diagramFile$.getLocation().toOSString());
boolean isSuccess = runner.run(wfFile,new org.openarchitectureware.workflow.monitor.NullProgressMonito r(), properties, null);

catch (Exception e) 


return null;


I have been able to succesfully get the path for the workflow. Now while invoking the workflow I will have to input the gmf diagram file, to the workflow. But how can I give the path for the file ?

I execute my gmf digram by opening it another workbench: But, now, how do i get the path of gmf diagram file ?

I have registered epackage in my workflow.

Can you please guide me the project deadline is very soon.

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The IAML project uses openArchitectureWare XPand to implement code generation. As an example of how to connect the two together, you can check out the source code for GenerateCodeAction -- the relevant method is doExecute(). Hope this helps :)

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hi jevon thanks for u r reply but i finished the project two weeks ago. hopefully it should be useful to others :) –  Ravi Mar 18 '11 at 4:34

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