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I'm trying to remove from the html everything that is concerned to html with html agility, but I need to keep the text. For example, from this tag:

<B><A HREF="survival/index.html">Survival</A></B><BR> 
<I>Be Suspicious, Be Worried, Be Prepared</I><BR> 

I want to keep only "Be suspicious..."

I have this method, but doesn't work very well:

    private static HtmlDocument RemoveHTML(HtmlDocument document)
        HtmlDocument textOfDoc = new HtmlDocument();
        foreach (var node in document.DocumentNode.SelectNodes(".//p|.//title|.//body"))
            var newNode = HtmlNode.CreateNode(node.InnerText+" ");
        return textOfDoc;


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It looks like you're only extracting P, TITLE and BODY tags. If you want I tags as well, you need to do this:

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Hmm not, that's not what I wanted, because what I wanted is to select the text from a page to index it with Lucene. What I did in the end was clean the html code with a library like Tidy of .Net and then if I add to foreach ".//p|.//title|.//body" it works very well. But thanks either! :) –  Coconut Feb 9 '11 at 9:12

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