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In the context of data-bound combobox whose ValueMember and DisplayMember properties are appropriately set:

Is there a difference between the SelectedIndexChanged and the SelecetedValueChanged events? Are they fired simultaneously when an item is selected from the drop-down list of the combo?

(If it matters, I use Winforms in vb.net.)


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Well just because your index changes doesn't always necessarily mean that your value must change.

This also may not be the most realistic scenario because design-wise this implementation would be bad.

Let's say you are displaying a combobox where you are displaying body part's. However, you may be exporting or storing this information in a format mapped to integer values. Therefore, your combobox may display "Left Arm" and "Right Arm" which are mapped to a value of 5, which defines (5 = Upper Body) in it's mapping. Then if the user switched "Right Arm" to "Left Arm" there is no value change, however the SelectedIndex has changed.

So I guess it is a case by case basis, but these events surely could function differently depending on the case.

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Thank you, Matt. –  kodkod Jan 28 '11 at 12:25

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