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I have a linear layout with a couple text boxes, vertical. I want to add/remove one more text box (more specifically, set it to visible/gone). When this happens, I'd like to resize the parent view with an animation rather than just having it jump up and down. I've put a layout animation on the parent linear layout, and it animates the box in/out, but it appears to resize first, then animate the child, but that doesn't really solve the problem I'm having (looks nice, but you know).

Any thoughts?

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I know this question is pretty old, but I thought this would be a common problem before I run into it myself.

I took some inspiration from the code you had, but instead of using a separate class like this, what I did is to extend the LinearLayout class and added some methods to be able to animate it when the content changes (in my case, I am making some children views VISIBLE or GONE). Still working out a few details, but it works pretty well so far.

The good thing is that I can access / extend onMeasure method, so I do not have to do any estimation of the size after the animation, no matter what I have in my container, the animation will always go to the right place.

Hope that helps

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That is old. Time flies. – Kevin Galligan Jun 14 '11 at 4:03
picked your answer. Not sure which is better/worse, but if its a toss up, its kind of lame to pick your own ;) – Kevin Galligan Jan 20 '12 at 0:52

I figured something out. I do it the "hard way" by resizing the container. The basic process is as follows:

Save the layout parameters Get the physical size of the container Set the layoutparams with the physical height Loop with a handler setting the size incrementally When its done, set the previous layout params

The code assume you're using a linear layout and a height of WRAP_CONTENT. If not, it would need an adjustment.

See blog

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Your link is broken – JeffCompton May 15 '14 at 13:53

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