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 class CharPair 
     char _a;
     char _b;
     CharPair(char a, char b) { _a = a; _b = b; }

 IObservable<char> keyPresses = ... // a sequence of key presses

How can I take every two characters and create a new IObservable<CharPair>?



So far I have the following but this seems rather long winded, can it be improved on?

 IObservable<char> keyPresses = KeyPresses().ToObservable().Publish();

 var odds = keyPresses.Where((_,i) => (i&1) == 1);
 var evens = keyPresses.Where((_,i) => (i&1) == 0);

 IObservable<CharPair> charPairs = evens.Zip(odds, (e, o) => new CharPair(e,o));
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BufferWithCount should help, you can do something like this:

var keyPressed = Observable.Create<ConsoleKey>(
    o =>
            while (true)
                var consoleKeyInfo = Console.ReadKey(true);

var paired = keyPressed
    .Select(x => new {a = x[0], b = x[1]});

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Observable.Create requires a return value (Action) – Richard Szalay Jan 27 '11 at 16:18

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