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Any good apache ODE example available?

I am trying to evaluate Apache ODE for an project. Please provide any references for learning Apache ODE through samples/tutorials/guide.


share|improve this question looks good. But need more info if anybody has.. – Ayusman Jan 28 '11 at 7:38

You can try the examples shipped with ODE. Also, provides a list of tutorials that may help you.

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I am working on Indus framework which makes it easy to use Apache ODE.

"Indus is a build system that integrates Apache ODE and brings together various SOA components. It has a maven plugin that wraps the bpelc compiler - allowing you to compile bpel files prior to their deployment. Furthermore, it creates a process sub-directory that contains all the necessary artifacts for the process's deployment (including deploy.xml - which is auto generated).

Additionally, all the dependent jars are placed a lib sub-directory and may be deployed to ODE's WEB-INF/lib."

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