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Sometimes I like learning how to do things the "Ruby" way. I was wondering - what is the most succinct, yet readable way to take a string such as:


and manipulate it to read:

Foo Bar

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"foo-bar".split("-").map(&:capitalize).join(" ")

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+1 w00t for & syntax – Jed Schneider Jan 27 '11 at 17:10
"foo-bar".gsub(/\b(\w)/){|m| m.capitalize}.sub '-', ' '
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This leaves the hyphen in the result. – Phrogz Jan 27 '11 at 18:18
fixed schoolboy error, thanks. Incidentally, I ran both versions through Benchmark and the split + map was significantly quicker than gsub + regex, even on longer strings, which I found surprising. Generally, any string operation I've done in other languages is dealt with most efficiently via regex, but not in Ruby. (I was using 1.9 with Onigurama) – iain Jan 28 '11 at 1:01
>> p "foo-bar".scan(/\w+/).map(&:capitalize).join(" ")
"Foo Bar"
=> "Foo Bar"
>> p "foo---bar".scan(/\w+/).map(&:capitalize).join(" ")
"Foo Bar"
=> "Foo Bar"
>> p "foo 123 bar".scan(/\w+/).map(&:capitalize).join(" ")
"Foo 123 Bar"
=> "Foo 123 Bar"
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string = "foo-bar"
"foo-bar".split("-").map(&:capitalize).join(" ") # edited to because former answer was not optimal
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