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Maybe I'm looking at this all wrong.
I've got a large table with 3 'classification' columns. These classification names are ideal controller/action names for MVC.
All the controller/action name does is filter down to certain rows in the table, it doesn't create unique models to display in a view. Is there a better way to be looking at this?

1  |  a1  |  b1  |  c1  |  foo    |
x  |  a2  |  b2  |  c2  |  bar    |
n  |  a3  |  b3  |  c3  |  fun    |

A Route of /a1/b2/c3/ will result in the same 'data object' as a route of /a3/b3/c1. My (limited) understanding of MVC isn't making sense here, as different routes should be using different models.
How do I get all these actions to use the same view?

Code would be something like

/drills/hydraulic/   --> WHERE(CAT1="a2" AND CAT2="b3")
/loaders/tracked/    --> WHERE(CAT1="x3" AND CAT2="r3")
/hauling/rails/      --> WHERE(CAT1="c8" AND CAT3="b7")

So all 3 URL's would be using the same View, but are different controllers/actions. It seems like I'm not using the pattern 'properly' as I've got lots of controllers, but hardly any views.

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Could you provide some code, I'm having trouble understanding the problem. –  frennky Jan 27 '11 at 18:51

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It sounds like you need to add a single controller into your routing - like a ClassificationController. It would have a single method:

public ActionResult Index(string cat1, string cat2, string cat3)
        //...load from table and return data to the view

Then your routing would look like this:

routes.MapRoute("ClassificationIndex", "classification/{cat1}/{cat2}/{cat3}", new { controller = "classification", action = "index" });

...and your routes would look like this:


Now you have a single View (Index.aspx) handled by a single Controller (ClassificationController).

Is this what you needed?

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That's sort of what I'm aiming for. Is it possible to create a route alias? /classification/Drills actually means /classification/value/value/value –  TomCDona Jan 28 '11 at 19:40
After a bit of refactoring (actually a lot) I went with your suggestion, thanks. –  TomCDona Feb 18 '11 at 13:52
Cool, glad I could help. Sorry I missed your first comment. –  Henry Fieger Feb 18 '11 at 21:53

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