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Given one list with one tuple:


How to extract the first element of the tuple:


Do you have a simpler solution?

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Try this:

1> A = [{3,1,1444}].
2> [{X, _, _}] = A.
3> X.
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I like this solution very simple ;-) – Bertaud Jan 27 '11 at 22:29

Given that you get exactly what you state, a list with one tuple, even easier would be

element(1, hd(L)).

(A pattern matching variant like shk suggested is probably even nicer, depending on the context.

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you could also consider using records syntax if you want some semantics embedded into your tuples

-record(x, {y, z}).

1> A = #x{y=b, z=c}.
2> A#x.y.

all records are in fact tuples and you dont have to worry about order of elements in that tuple nor about adding/removing elements.

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