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I would like to learn how do I make a "catch the rest" route in ASP.NET MVC?
I need to take formated urls, read some data to it's values, and take the remainder of the link and SAVE it to some variable so I can read it later and generate a link.

read like:
memberid = 2612010
memberrating = 2828
language = en
restofurl = "articles/october/asking-the-overflow/madd.aspx"

or this link: blog.mydomain.com/linker/process/2612010/2828/en/articles/october/read.aspx?m=828

read like:

memberid = 2612010
memberrating = 2828
language = en
restofurl = "articles/october/read.aspx?m=828"


memberid = 2612010
memberrating = 2828
language = en
restofurl = "articles"

I've considered something like:

            "Linker", // Route name
            "Linker/Process/{memberid}/{memberrating}/{lang}/{*other}", // ULR with parameters
            new { controller = "Linker", action = "Process", lang = "en", other = UrlParameter.Optional} 

This route picks up the rest of the link correctly, but ommits URL parameters at the end of: blog.mydomain.com/linker/process/2612010/2828/en/articles/october/read.aspx?m=828

and displays only articles/october/read.aspx
as the "restofurl" value.
I don't need classic url get params assignet to anything, just want them part of the restofurl variable.

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I don't know why I can't remove bold from the lines that contain restofurl variable. Haven't used any formating... –  BuzzBubba Jan 27 '11 at 17:29
--- below a line creates a header. –  SLaks Jan 27 '11 at 17:30

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I will answer this myself.

var restofurl =
String.Format("{0}?{1}", RouteData.Values["other"], Request.QueryString);

Will effectively construct a correct url. If you happen to find a "cleaner/nicer" way of doing it, please post.

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