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Inside my Bash script i'm reading some variables entered by the user with READ:

read -p "Glassfish Path:" GF_DIR

Now i want that the user gets a autocompletion when he has to enter a directory, like when you are on the Bash shell. So when he enters the first letters of a directory, he can autocomplete it by hitting TAB. Is that possible?

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read -e -p "Glassfish Path:" GF_DIR

-e enables readline:

    If the standard input is coming from a terminal, Readline is used
    to obtain the line.
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Sorry, should have read the manpage. Thought it's not that easy ;) –  ifischer Jan 27 '11 at 18:12
I've looked all over the interwebs, and taken many wrong turns with bash complete... yet it really was this easy the whole time. Thanks! –  Lindsey D Feb 8 at 23:22

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