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I am having a strange issue with some of my packages in the same project.

When I reload the project some of the constraint connectors are not appearing visually. I know that they are there because if I try to draw them again I get the error:

Cannot create connector.
Only one workflow can exist between the same two executables.

Also the package runs correctly.

Can I get the lines to reappear?

I am using visual studio 2008. The objects affected are in a for loop in a sequence container

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I was having the same trouble. If you collapse the Sequence Container, then expand it again, they show up again.

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This worked for me, thanks. –  mr.Reband Jul 1 '13 at 19:39

Well when I have had issues with the screen not properly showing what really is there, usually it is because I have too much junk open on my machine, So I go back and close the 56 query windows I have open and the 700+page functional spec, and all 10 of the Windows Explorer windows and Outlook and the 6 Excel spreadsheets and the offending SSIS package and then reopen it and it usually works (alhtough occasionally I have had to reboot.)

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Good thought, but I don't have anything else open except out look. What I did was move the contents from the loop out of the loop and the lines appeared, then put in back in the loop. –  Mike Jan 27 '11 at 18:48

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