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in Visual Studio is it possible to #deprecated a function, based on the signature of the function and not simply the name?

In my case we're in C++ and don't want to deprecate all flavors of the function

int foo();        <-- we want to keep
int foo(int x);   <-- we want to deprecate
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Just do this:

__declspec(deprecated) void foo(int) {}

And if you want the compiler to generate a specific message when compiling a deprecated function, then do this:

__declspec(deprecated("foo(int) is a deprecated function.")) void foo(int) {}
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Beat me by some 40 seconds. Damn you! +1 :) –  Billy ONeal Jan 27 '11 at 18:02

deprecated may also be specified in a __declspec(), (which is even better than the #pragma because it allows you to supply a reason if desired.

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