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I am trying to copy the RGB data(assuming each is an int) of an image from the host to the device.Here is portion of my code

 int *img_redd,*img_greend,*img_blued;//d denotes device
 int **img_redh,**img_greenh,**img_blueh;// h denotes host 

     //Initialize+ copy values into the arrays pointed by img_redh,img_greenh etc   
     // then Copy the values of RGB into host array <here>
     //Allocating memory on device below
     // copy it to CUDA device   
     //I even tried with just img_redh above 
     //Similarly for green and blue

The cudaMallocpitch works fine but it crashes on the cudamemcpy2d line and opens up host_runtime.h and points to

static void __cudaUnregisterBinaryUtil(void)

I feel that the logic behind memory allocation is fine .Any comments what might be causing the crash?

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Does img_redh[0] contain a pointer to a block of memory containing img_width*img_height*sizeof(int) contiguous bytes? –  tkerwin Jan 27 '11 at 18:30
It contains a pointer to memory of size img_widthsizeof(int) .I dont get why should it be img_widthimg_height*sizeof(int). –  Manish Jan 27 '11 at 22:51

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It sounds like you're using a Iliffe vector for a multidimensional array for img_redh. Try using a regular multidimensional array (int* img_redh = (int*)malloc(img_width*img_height*sizeof(int))

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