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I am trying to run simple java project. I had created project using 'Maven Project' type. I have one main class called 'TestMain'. When I tried to run the project using right click -> run , there was no menu to run the application as 'Run As Java Application'. I am wondering where that option has gone.

Can anyone please help me in runnin java application?

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Well, you need to incorporate exec-maven-plugin, this plug-in performs the same thing that you do on command prompt when you type in java -cp .;jarpaths TestMain. You can pass argument and define which phase (test, package, integration, verify, or deploy), you want this plug-in to call your main class.

You need to add this plug-in under <build> tag and specify parameters. For example


Now, if you right-click on on the project folder and do Run As > Maven Test, or Run As > Maven Package or Run As > Maven Install, the test phase will execute and so your Main class.

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Your Maven project doesn't seem to be configured as a Eclipse Java project, that is the Java nature is missing (the little 'J' in the project icon).

To enable this, the <packaging> element in your pom.xml should be jar (or similar).

Then, right-click the project and select Maven > Update Project Configuration

For this to work, you need to have m2eclipse installed. But since you had the _ New ... > New Maven Project_ wizard, I assume you have m2eclipse installed.

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(Alt + Shift + X) , then M to Run Maven Build. You will need to specify the Maven goals you want on Run -> Run Configurations

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