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Anyone know of a vorbis decoder library that can be used on Windows Phone 7?

The lack of native code interop make re-using any of the native code implementations difficult (impossible?) but if there are tricks to do that, I'm open to that as well.

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There is a managed implementation for mono called csvorbis, it includes a sample which outputs a wav file this didn't need many changes to work with XNA's SoundEffect class. I did a whole track at once, this took a few seconds in the emulator so you may need to stream it using DynamicSoundEffect for better results. The mooncodecs folder has a codec for the desktop version based on csvorbis which may be worth a look aswell.

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Ogg Vorbis is not a supported codec on Windows Phone 7 and the platform supports no way of adding support for custom codecs.

The options available are to write your own decoder/converter in managed code or to convert the original source files.
I suspect the second option will be easier.

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Thanks, but I know that already, which I why I asked this question. I wanted to check if someone has already attempted to write a vorbis decoder library for managed code - always better to check before you dive in to port something yourself. – psychotik Jan 28 '11 at 17:37
@MarcusJ please note you're commenting on a question that is over 4 years old and specifically relates to Windows Phone 7. My answer was specific to WP7. Yes, this is not the case in WP8 but that's not what my answer relates to. – Matt Lacey Feb 10 at 14:39

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