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I have a variable <cfset takeFour = 0 >. I then have a loop that I want to run 4 times.

<cfloop query="getVids" condition="takeFour LTE 4">
                <cfset takeFour= takeFour + 1/>...

The CF debugger says that there is a attribute validation error for this tag, however this syntax should be correct. Any ideas?

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When using cfloop to loop over a query, the acceptable attributes are, query, startRow, and endRow. Condition is not used when query is, which is why the complier is giving you an attribute validation error.

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+1 correct answer assuming takeFour is not incremented according to some conditional algorithm. – orangepips Jan 27 '11 at 18:58

You can't use the condition attribute on a cfloop with a query attribute, you can, however, break out of a loop when your condition is met. You could do this:

<cfloop query="getVids">
    <cfset takeFour = takeFour + 1 />

    <cfif takeFour GT 4>
        <cfbreak />

Of course, if you just want to loop over the first four rows, you can do this:

<cfloop query="getVids" startrow="1" endrow="4">
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Short, thank you for showing me the cfbreak tag, that is good to know. – The Muffin Man Jan 27 '11 at 20:50

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