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I have two approximated functions and I want to find the maximum value (error) between their graphs, to see how much they approach. I used : FindMaximum[Abs[f[x] - p[x]], x], but Mathematica 8 gave me that output: {2.75612*10^104, {x -> 2.75612*10^104}}

what does this mean? It is too big!

can you suggest me a better way?


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Post your functions! Your problem can be from easy to extremely hard depending on those kids. –  belisarius Jan 27 '11 at 19:08

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It's hard to tell not knowing your functions, but I'd guess that the position of the maximum it found is well outside your intended domain. You may have more success using a different form or FindMaximum, namely

FindMaximum[Abs[f[x] - p[x]],{x,x0,xmin,xmax}]

where x0 would be your initial guess for it (can be any point inside the region of interest), and xmin,xmax are the endpoints of your region of interest.

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f[x] is a ordinary function and p[x] is a polynomial. i will run this command now. thanks –  nalkapo Jan 27 '11 at 19:04
@nalkapo Well, then it is probably due to the polynomial, which is unbounded and monotonous at infinity. You should indicate the endpoints of your region, as I mentioned. –  Leonid Shifrin Jan 27 '11 at 19:08
@nalkapo I think the key is what Leonid mentions in his comment above. If one of the functions is polynomial, so it diverges as x->+/- Infinity (one power (ring :)) dominates them all). So probably your unexpected value is caused by considering an unbounded interval –  belisarius Jan 28 '11 at 3:10

The reason is probably what Leonid said. To look at what FindMaximum is doing in real time, you can do

f[x_] := Sin[x];
p[x_] := x^2;
lst = {};
 FindMaximum[Abs[f[x] - p[x]], x, 
  EvaluationMonitor :> (AppendTo[lst, x]; Pause[.01])
  ], ListPlot[lst, PlotRange -> Full]

the vertical axis on the resulting plot is the x-coordinate FindMaximum is currently looking at. Once FindMaximum is done, the plot disappears; the list is stored in lst so you can eg ListPlot it.

You can also try this with {Abs[f[x] - p[x]], -1 <= x <= 1} as the argument, as suggested by Spencer Nelson, to see how the search proceeds then.

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This is probably caused by some sort of overflow in one of the two functions when the input value of x is a very large number. You should restrict your domain to [-1, 1]:

FindMaximum[{Abs[f[x] - p[x]], -1 <= x <= 1}, x]
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If you want to search for a global maximum within the interval {a, b}, I suggest NMaximize:

NMaximize[{Abs[f[x] - p[x]], a <= x <= b}, x].

Note that FindMaximum searches for any local maximum, which is only good if you know that, for your particular function, a local maximum would also be a global maximum.

Instead of the objective function Abs[f[x] - p[x]], you may wish to use the objective function (f[x] - p[x])^2. This would make the objective function smooth (if f[x] and p[x] are smooth), which can help improve the efficiency of some numerical optimization methods.

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