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I work for a website-company that pays a commission to partners who send traffic to our website. Currently we track the traffic referred to our site from the affiliates and then go through a tedious manual process of sending payment via PayPal.

This is the gist of our current process:

1. Review affiliate commission report (our website back end generates this)
2. Copy/paste email & amount fields, one at a time, into the PayPal Send Payment screen (open in a different browser tab)
3. Specify additional fields in the PayPay Send Payment screen and select "continue"

This can get very time consuming considering the number of affiliates we pay every month, so if possible we would like to automate this with a php script. I'm unfamiliar with any of PayPal's APIs - could someone please refer me to the API best suited for solving this problem. Thanks!

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PayPal has 2 APIs for this kind of use cases.

  1. MassPay
  2. Business Payments through Adaptive Payments APIs

MassPay API is for sending payments in the back end (disbursements) to large number of recipients (250 through API or upto 3000 through file upload)

Adaptive Payments API can be used to send payments not only in the back-end but also allows you to payout your affiliates during the original transaction itself through chained payments. It also provides you a way to delay the affiliate payout until up to 9 0 days to handle things like product returns, etc. You can find information about how the delayed chain payments work here.

You can find php code samples for Adaptive Payments APIs here on x.com.

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