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Short Version:

Program to:

  • control racing (cars) laptimes (it must not reset)
  • be able to use as a chronometer
  • b able to use as a reverse chronometer (start in X min:secs end in 00:00)

Long Version:

I need a program to control time, I need the time to go forth and back (for me to choose) and I insert the starting time.

I also need a program to control lap times.

If anyone know any program for these stuff (racing stuff), I would apreciate it, even if there only are paid solution, I still would like to take a look at them (I staring to make a program in python and it could be good for inspiration)

After some search, I could only find this: It's a simple clock in python TKinter..... if anyone has anything more advanced... (easier to change :) )

from Tkinter import *
import time

from Tkinter import *
import time

class StopWatch(Frame):  
    """ Implements a stop watch frame widget. """                                                                
    def __init__(self, parent=None, **kw):        
        Frame.__init__(self, parent, kw)
        self._start = 0.0        
        self._elapsedtime = 0.0
        self._running = 0
        self.timestr = StringVar()               

    def makeWidgets(self):                         
        """ Make the time label. """
        l = Label(self, textvariable=self.timestr)
        l.pack(fill=X, expand=NO, pady=2, padx=2)                      

    def _update(self): 
        """ Update the label with elapsed time. """
        self._elapsedtime = time.time() - self._start
        self._timer = self.after(50, self._update)

    def _setTime(self, elap):
        """ Set the time string to Minutes:Seconds:Hundreths """
        minutes = int(elap/60)
        seconds = int(elap - minutes*60.0)
        hseconds = int((elap - minutes*60.0 - seconds)*100)                
        self.timestr.set('%02d:%02d:%02d' % (minutes, seconds, hseconds))

    def Start(self):                                                     
        """ Start the stopwatch, ignore if running. """
        if not self._running:            
            self._start = time.time() - self._elapsedtime
            self._running = 1        

    def Stop(self):                                    
        """ Stop the stopwatch, ignore if stopped. """
        if self._running:
            self._elapsedtime = time.time() - self._start    
            self._running = 0

    def Reset(self):                                  
        """ Reset the stopwatch. """
        self._start = time.time()         
        self._elapsedtime = 0.0    

def main():
    root = Tk()
    sw = StopWatch(root)

    Button(root, text='Start', command=sw.Start).pack(side=LEFT)
    Button(root, text='Stop', command=sw.Stop).pack(side=LEFT)
    Button(root, text='Reset', command=sw.Reset).pack(side=LEFT)
    Button(root, text='Quit', command=root.quit).pack(side=LEFT)


if __name__ == '__main__':
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Could you explain some more what you are looking for ? For me it reads like science-fiction stuff. – harrymc Jan 27 '11 at 6:29
I agree @harrymc, just "import tardis" and time travel away. How are you reading in the information from the chronometer? – gruntled Feb 7 '11 at 15:42

If you want to go with a packaged solution, you should try some of the apps:

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So what you want is a milliseconds accurate stop watch and lap timer.

Not that I have tried it but heres one I found on google

I wish I could vote, cause that import tardis crack was a good one. :P

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i made an applescript for this


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