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I'm trying to add an image / icon to certain entries of a ListPreference alongside the text.

I would like achieve this programmatically.

Here's an excerpt of the preferences.xml

  android:negativeButtonText="@string/cancel" />

The goal here is to illustrate that some of the options listed are unavailable/ locked in the current version of the app. However, the code-base is used as a library, so I would like the solution to work via code, rather than xml.

Any ideas how to do this? Thanks.

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Preferences already gives you a way to indicate that an option is unavailable: just set enabled properly.

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Hi Mayra, I actually want modify individual entries of the list preference, not the actual Preference itself. I want to keep everything enabled because the 'locked' options trigger the creation of a new intent. –  pjama Jan 27 '11 at 20:35

Actually, it looks like this guy posted and solved the same question.

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