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How can i redirect users to one of the pages accordingly his domain name?



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You can

  • make a filter (javax.servlet.Filter)
  • map it to /
  • check request.getServerName() and compare with a predefined list of domains
  • request.getRequestDispatcher("/someIndex.jsp").forward() depending on the domain.

However, it looks like a strange use-case, because the user will still be able to access the index files for other domains if he knows them (if they are not hidden in WEB-INF). But without knowing your requirements I can't suggest a better solution.

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If i have a single Domain and same web.xml then what page will be served to the user ? (In case if always the first page will be served then what is the need to have multiple entries in welcome-file-list?) –  Krsna Chaitanya Oct 3 '12 at 5:45

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