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I have this requirement to iterate over 3 lists at the same time in jstl. for iterating over a single list we use

<c:forEach var = "mfgn" items = "${requestScope.mfgNumber}" varStatus = "status">
    do something;   

I need to do some thing like

<c:forEach var = "mfgn" var = "issue" items = "${requestScope.mfgNumber}" items = "${requestScope.something" varStatus = "status">

is this possible or there an otherway to iterate over multiple lists at the same time.

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If they have the same size, then there are two options, assuming that it are List<Integer> and List<String>:

  1. Merge them in a single list with entities which in turn repesents the items of each other list in a single class like List<ManfacturerIssue> where the ManfacturerIssue is a javabean class which contains Integer number and String issue properties. This way you can end up doing:

    <c:forEach items="${mfgIssues}" var="mfgIssue">
        ${mfgIssue.number}, ${mfgIssue.issue}
  2. Iterate by index instead, this is however ugly and unmaintainable as (fill in):

    <c:forEach begin="0" end="${fn:length(mfgNumbers) - 1}" varStatus="loop">
        ${mfgNumbers[loop.index]}, ${issues[loop.index]}
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Is it possible to write this as generic function ? something like stackoverflow.com/questions/27201778/… –  San Krish Nov 29 '14 at 11:47

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