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Trying to make a make generic select "control" that I can dynamically add elements to, but I am having trouble getting functions to work right.

This is what I started with.

$select = $("<select></select>");
$select.addOption = function(value,text){

This worked fine alone but anytime $select is .clone(true)'ed the addOption() function is lost.

This is my object approach but still the function does not work.

function $selectX() {
    return $("<select></select>");

$selectX.prototype.addOption() = function(value,text){

Hack solution is to add the function manually after creation:

$nameSelect= new $selectX;
$nameSelect.addOption = function(value,text){

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

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To add new method to jQuery You need to use jQuery.fn.methodName attribute, so in this case it will be:

jQuery.fn.addOption = function (value, text) {

But keep in mind that this addOption will be accessible from result of any $() call.

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In the link below, you will find the sample code for a plugin which will create widgets automatically. You may customize it as per your need


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