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I hope someone can help me.

I am writing some application that need to print pdfs.

After long search i found out how to properly print character for Slovenian language.

i did it this way:

    iTextSharp.text.Font crkeMaleCrneBold = 
                                new iTextSharp.text.BaseColor(0, 0, 0));

Everything works gr8 on Foxit Reader but in Adobe Reader X i se crossed square when using CP1250 and When IDENTITY_H i see missing character..

I think PDF did get the desired character č but adobe doesn't print it well.

What is the proper Encoding to use slovenian character? I don't have time to generate some in latex to see what is happening there...

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Again I am answering my own question :=)

There is solution for you guys

First I created: (note full path to .ttf, else there is error)

BaseFont arial = BaseFont.CreateFont("c:\\windows\\fonts\\arial.ttf", BaseFont.IDENTITY_H, BaseFont.EMBEDDED);

... and as you se i used IDENTITY_H instead of CP1250

iTextSharp.text.Font crkeMaleCrne = new iTextSharp.text.Font(arial, 12, iTextSharp.text.Font.NORMAL);

It works OK in Foxit & Adobe Reader. Finally ;=) Now I think I will have to put arial.ttf to bin folder and distibute it with app to make sure user have the font?

Or I have to put it in win/font folder and register font to use it?

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Arial ships with windows machines. You can also use FontFactory.registerDirectories() and FontFactory.getFont() rather than calling BaseFont.CreateFont directly. RegisterDirectories will look through all the standard font storage paths for a variety of OSes, and from there you can use their names instead of their paths. –  Mark Storer Jan 28 '11 at 17:43
PS: If you wish to include a custom font, you can put it anywhere. Just be sure you have distribution rights for the font. Their licenses tend to be quite particular. –  Mark Storer Jan 28 '11 at 17:43

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