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I have coded a custom keyboard on CF 35. , Windows CE 6.0 . It is created and added to form on BaseForm and all forms inherit from this one. So my problem is : custom keyboard takes 1-2 second to be created and located on every form load. how can i get solve this?

Here is the Constructor of Keyboard

public KeyBoard()

        panelNumeric.Visible = false;
        this.Visible = false;

        //Click event
        for (int i = 0; i < this.Controls.Count; i++)
            this.Controls[i].Click += new EventHandler(ButtonClick);

        panelNumeric.Click -= ButtonClick;

        for (int i = 0; i < panelNumeric.Controls.Count; i++)
            panelNumeric.Controls[i].Click += new EventHandler(ButtonClick);

        //Caps Lock
        btnListForCaps = new List<Control>(){btnQ,btnW,btnE,btnR,btnT,btnY,btnU,btnI,btnO,btnP,btnP,btnTRG,btnTRU,btnA,btnS,btnD,btnF,btnG,btnH,btnJ,btnK,btnL,btnTRS,btnTRI,btnZ,btnX,btnC,btnV,btnB,btnN,btnM,btnTRO,btnTRC};ButtonClick(btnShift, null);
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i found the solution. i added a new form and locate keyboard buttons on it. Create keyboard form on application load and declare it as a static global variable. Call "GlobalParameters.Keyboard.CustomShow();" on each form i need. hope it helps

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