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This isn't a normal "what language should I learn" question, as I know there are 500 of those, I'm asking which language should I learn first?

I currently have two more quarters in school and am looking into two different independent studies with a language of choice. I have chosen Ruby on Rails and .NET. I have completed javascript/jQuery/ajax classes and a php class. I know html/css/xml and have taken three java classes.

Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!

EDIT: I checked previous questions and could not find a similar question.

Thanks for the input, in retrospect this question was very subjective, my apologies. I will probably be taking Ruby on Rails first.

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this is oversubjective – Andrey Jan 27 '11 at 21:42
.NET is more popular. You'll be able to find jobs more easily than with Rails. However, I think Rails is much more fun and you'll admire all of the cruft it takes out of web development. – ryeguy Jan 27 '11 at 21:42
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Based on my own preference, I would say .Net (and to be more specific, C#). This is mainly because I work in .Net every day, and I love what the framework has to offer, not to mention the job availability that I have found.

That being said, I do not have much experience with Ruby on Rails, but looking at the number of questions with each tag, at this moment .Net has 64k and Ruby on Rails has 28k, so either more people have issues with .Net or more people use it. Take that for what it is worth :-)

Either way, welcome to the industry, and good luck!

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Neither one are actually languages, they are frameworks. Ruby on Rails is specifically for Ruby, whereas .NET supports multiple languages including C#, VB.NET. I would investigate these languages and see which one feels better. They have pros and cons. I personally use Ruby, but it's definitely not for everyone.

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Very subjective. I'd say .net cause it is more concrete to start with, but since you are here and asking this one way or another you will play with Ruby eventually...

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You did not explain what it is you are looking for in your learning experience, but how about this:

RoR: Choose this because Ruby is a language that's signifficantly different from what you already know and will broaden your knowledge of programming languages

.NET (assuming C# here): Choose this because it's similar enough to Java that on-ramping will be easy while exposing you to a wide range of libraries that can be used for more than writing web applications. F# might also be an interesting language choice.

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