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If I develop a website and use a JavaScript library with a GPLv3 license. I host the javascript library on our server and link to it in HTML. I will not modify the original javascript library source in anyway. Two examples of a javascript library that use a GPLv3 license are ExtJS and Wijmo Complete.

Am I required to provide the source to the entire website including server side code?

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Thanks! sorry I missed that one but after reading it I still think my question is valid and more simply worded. Why is it so hard to answer this question... Seems to me unless you modify the library itself you are not under obligation to do anything. –  Brian Boatright Jan 28 '11 at 2:45

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Yeah from what I can gather reading the answer the conclusion is this.

  1. All answers ends with talk to a lawyer.
  2. Nobody talked to a lawyer.

I'm guessing in most cases, for the price of a consultation you could probably just get a commercial license of whatever library you need.

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