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I have a large .csv file and I need a batch process to create a new file with only certain lines that have unique identifier in the first column.

CSV looks like this. Need to create a new .csv with only the 554,134,and 6852 records.

554,Apple,car,tommy 554,cherry,bike,tom 554,banna,skateboard,tomisina

844,Apple,car,tommy 844,cherry,bike,tom 844,banna,skateboard,tomisina

134,Apple,car,tommy 134,cherry,bike,tom 134,banna,skateboard,tomisina

6852,Apple,car,tommy 6852,cherry,bike,tom 6852,banna,skateboard,tomisina

78,Apple,car,tommy 78,cherry,bike,tom 78,banna,skateboard,tomisina

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I can't figure out why this was never answered before?! The answer is quite simple:

findstr /b /c:"554," /c:"134," /c:"6852," "input.csv" >"output.csv"

If you have a long list of IDs to search, prepare a file with one search string per line like so:


Then change the command to use the search strings in the file:

findstr /b /g:"searchStrings.txt" "input.csv" >"output.csv"
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