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I'm in real an embedded programmer and really very new to weblogic programming so please forgive me for possible epic fail question. I tried to check out web but couldn't find a good start point for the issue. I have a preparatory weblogic application lies on Weblogic 10.3.2. In application there is a page which waits some fields to input and POST it with address ...../actions/service/device/wizard/jump-properties?device_id=1818&acsrf_req_idt=8987a72ff90ba240b78b89e

what i want to do is, capture this posted field somehow and also take the device_id from the header and do some custom actions as a result of this post. Are there a way to me to install some filter to web.xml of application and catch all bypassing requests and look for a POST request for page .../actions/service/device/wizard/jump-properties. Then I may do some custom things maybe?

Many thanks for the help in advance,


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Look at this page:
or and/or

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Thanks for the answer Romain, it exactly seems what I need. – goktan Jan 31 '11 at 20:05

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