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I'm using XCode 3 to develop MAC and iPhone apps. Because I'm thinking of doing a major modification on the structure of two of my systems, I need first to make unit tests. As I browsed on the internet about the different possibilities and since neither of XCode's Text Bundle and GTM (Google Toolbox for MAC) worked, I'd give it a try with OCUnit. I downloaded and installed both the Home and Root packages of OCUnit and haven't find any changes on my XCode IDE.

Could someone guide me into installing it?

Thanks in advance.

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OCUnit ships with Xcode 3. It's at /Developer/Library/Frameworks/SenTestingKit.framework.

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All right, but comparing with the screenshots on the manual, my IDE it's nothing compared to it. How can I set it up? –  mikywan Jan 27 '11 at 23:18
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