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Hi im trying to get group wall feeds , im using desktop application to get all the feeds but after 3 https api calls im getting :

{"error":{"type":"OAuthException","message":"Invalid OAuth access token."}}

this are my calls:|2575b794cd858xxxx-55xxx13|N-oGZ6q2sNDNgxxxxU-TDw&distance=100000&limit=30&offset=0|2575b794cd858xxxx-55xxx13|N-oGZ6q2sNDNgxxxxU-TDw&distance=100000&limit=60&offset=30|2575b794cd858xxxx-55xxx13|N-oGZ6q2sNDNgxxxxU-TDw&distance=100000&limit=90&offset=60|2575b794cd858xxxx-55xxx13|N-oGZ6q2sNDNgxxxxU-TDw&distance=100000&limit=120&offset=90 <-- this call gives me the error

the weird thing is that when im take this https call the one failed and run it in firefox , it does return me result any idea way ?

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You do not have proper authentication set. See:

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This is strange. How can one test an app and check authentication issues before submitting? – shailenTJ May 24 at 20:19

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