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How do I submit a form to the same page and use GET parameters?

JSF page contents:

    <f:viewParam name="item1" value="#{bean.item1}"/>
    <f:viewParam name="item2" value="#{bean.item2}"/>


  <h:inputText value="#{bean.item1}"/>
  <h:inputText value="#{bean.item2}"/>

  <h:button value="Submit" >
      <f:param name="item1" value="#{bean.item1}"/>
      <f:param name="item2" value="#{bean.item2}"/>

If I request the page: form.jsf?item1=foo&item2=bar, it will populate the text fields, but the form submission to itself doesn't seem to work.

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Replace <h:button> by

<h:commandButton value="Submit" action="form?faces-redirect=true&amp;includeViewParams=true"/>

It effectively fires a PRG (Post-Redirect-Get) which will include the <f:viewParam> params in the query string.

Another solution is to use a plain HTML <form> instead of <h:form>, give the input elements an id matching the parameter name and use a plain <input type="submit">.

    <h:inputText id="item1" value="#{bean.item1}"/>
    <h:inputText id="item2" value="#{bean.item2}"/>

    <input type="submit" value="Submit" />

(while still keeping the f:viewParam)

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You could also register a NavigationHandler that handles a keyword like 'self' and redirects to the the current view and adds the necessary query parameters.

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