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I'm trying to get the nuSOAP library to expose a SOAP method that isn't named the same. Right now I am doing:


function receiveResponseXML () ...

This works and I'm using it currently, but it's hard to organize and if I have a method name conflict I don't have a way to resolve it. How would I declare a static method but expose it named as above? Something like this:

$server->register('receiveResponseXML', array('MyClass', 'theStaticMethod'));

class MyClass {
     public static function theStaticMethod() ... 

Also if anyone knows a legit nuSOAP reference I would much appreciate. Currently I have to read source.

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nuSoap is looking rather long in the tooth. I would think about using teh inbuilt SOAP client that PHP5 has –  Bingy Jan 28 '11 at 2:07
Yeah @Bingy I was going to go that way, but nusoap made it very easy to generate a wsdl. I may continue to use it for the generation, and just use the php5 implementation for the server. –  Dave Jan 13 '12 at 21:29

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According to the documentation for the register function:

@param string $name the name of the PHP function, class.method or class..method

so it would be:

$server->register('myClass.receiveResponseXML' ... );
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