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I am trying to re-sign some jars using the ant task 'signjar' however it's telling me "The signer certificate has expired."

So I tried to re-generate the keystore hoping this would 'un-expire' it...

keytool -genkey -keystore mykeystore -alias myalias

but after entering the keystore password i get: "keytool error: java.lang.Exception: Key pair not generated, alias already exists"

what am i doing wrong? do i need to delete the keystore to re-generate it or is there a simple way to refresh it so it's not expired?


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I had this problem when I was creating a new keystore, and Eclipse just took a long time to make the build. I had to completely kill Eclipse and relaunch it. The keystore was actually generated before. –  Igor Ganapolsky Nov 6 '13 at 15:44

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You're mixing up the terms. A keystore contains keys, a key is something used for signing.

AFAIK, you're trying to put a new key into an old keystore using an existing alias (name). Why don't you simply used a new one? Either this or delete the old key from the keystore first. You don't need to drop the whole keystore.

Have a look at portecle, this simple tool allows you to manipulate the keystore more easily.

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mixing terms? very likely! i really don't like the documentation for this 'feature' of java ... will take a look at portecle thanks. i guess what i'm looking for is a simple way to extend the expiry of a signature..... –  pstanton Jan 28 '11 at 2:25
Strange. I just deleted my .jks file and yet... I get this very same error. For a key store with only 1 self-signed cert, why shouldn't I replace the whole thing? –  user645280 May 16 at 15:13
@ebyrob: I'm not saying you shouldn't. Do whatever you think will work and if it doesn't, try portecle as it can help you to understand the problem. In case of a single key keystore, I'd suggest to use the same strong password for the keystore and the key (you surely avoid confusion and I really believe there's no security risk involved). –  maaartinus May 16 at 15:22
@maaartinus I use the same weak password for both. Really, I wouldn't even sign this test version if Oracle didn't force me to sign it just to test the applet in a browser. –  user645280 May 16 at 16:23

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