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This may seem like a silly question, but is there some way to determine what part (say, a quadrant) of an Ellipse that a user clicked on?

Or is the only option to just figure it out based on mouse point coordinates relative to the shape itself?

I'm working on a control that allows the user to click on any part of the ellipse and drag it to resize if that helps.

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Figuring out the mouse coordinates in relationship to the shape should be fairly easy. Check the X coordinate and see if it is greater than or equal to Shape.Width / 2. Then do the same with Y and Shape.Height. It should give you the correct quadrant the mouse was clicked in.

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Of course I ask the question and wind up thinking about it some more and that's the direction I'm heading in. Thanks. – Scott Marlowe Jan 28 '11 at 2:00

You can see in Mathworld that the general equation for an ellipse is:

equation for ellipse.

The points within the ellipse are the ones for which the equation yields <= 1.

If the ellipse is circumscribed to a rectangle R, then:

  • (x0,y0) = center(R)
  • a = width(R)/2
  • b = height(R)/2
  • (x,y) is the clicked point.
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