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I have to write information from textboxes to XML file on click event. My sample code would look lik this.

XDocument xmlDoc = XDocument.Load(fileName);

        xmlDoc.Element("Mediaplans").Add(new XElement("MediaPlan", new XElement("Media",TxtMedia.Text),
        new XElement("Adtype", TxtAdtype.Text), new XElement("EmailId",TxtEmailId.Text)));


What I want to know is how do we add attributes to elements with the above method? I am new to this field. any help appreciated.

Thanks, Kruthika

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You can call Add and pass an XAttribute too.

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You can just use add new XAttribute like you have done with XElement.

Have a look at this link for an example

I believe that you should be able to do something like

XDocument xmlDoc = XDocument.Load(fileName);

xmlDoc.Element("Mediaplans").Add(new XAttribute("File name", fileName),new XElement("MediaPlan", new XElement("Media",TxtMedia.Text), new XElement("Adtype", TxtAdtype.Text), new XElement("EmailId",TxtEmailId.Text));


Sorry dont have access to VS at the moment so I cant verify the code.

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Thank you for your reply. what I was looking for is dynamically add nodes when a click event occurs. The example seems to be about adding nodes statically, By using element.Add, I am only being able to add a new Xelement, If I have a XAttribute ot be added to one of the Xelements, what is the syntax for using it? – Kruthika Jan 28 '11 at 9:43
See my updated reply. Let me know if it doesnt work and I will try and verify it. – Jason Jan 28 '11 at 12:05

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