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I would like to type at least 500 characters in excel sheet cell. But when I do that it only lets me add 1 paragraph like 196 characters. When I add another paragraph, it gives me a message **

"Exceeded Text Limit"

**. How do I resolve this so I can add lot of text in the cell. I googled and tried different things and failed.

Please help !!!

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There is a 32,767 character limit in Excel per cell when wrapping text. You might be able to import it into Access as a Table, with a Memo field that can hold 65,000 characters. A text box can also hold more, but if you're doing any calculations, this isn't practical.

Try looking here: http://excel.tips.net/Pages/T003163_Character_Limits_for_Cells.html

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how to overcome this issue, I got the same error. "The maximum length of cell contents (text) is 32,767 characters excel c#" –  barry Sep 23 at 18:39

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