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i'm having problem deleting just one row. I can insert and delete the whole table.I'm not being able to understand the whole ID thing in order to delete just one row, i was looking at some examples i couldn't get it. Its driving me crazy, Any help would really appreciated. Here is the sqlite class;

public class datahelper {
   private static final String DATABASE_NAME = "table.db";
   private static final int DATABASE_VERSION = 1;
   private static final String TABLE_NAME = "table1";

   private Context context;
   private SQLiteDatabase db;
   private SQLiteStatement insertStmt;

   private static final String INSERT =
      "insert into " + TABLE_NAME + "(name) values (?)";

   public datahelper(Context context) {
      this.context = context;
      OpenHelper openHelper = new OpenHelper(this.context);
      this.db = openHelper.getWritableDatabase();
      this.insertStmt = this.db.compileStatement(INSERT);

   public long insert(String name) {
      this.insertStmt.bindString(1, name);
      return this.insertStmt.executeInsert();

   public long insert2(String name) {
          this.insertStmt2.bindString(1, name);
          return this.insertStmt2.executeInsert();

   public void deleteAll() {
      this.db.delete(TABLE_NAME, null, null);

   private static class OpenHelper extends SQLiteOpenHelper {
      OpenHelper(Context context) {
         super(context, DATABASE_NAME, null, DATABASE_VERSION);

      public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) {
         db.execSQL("CREATE TABLE " + TABLE_NAME +
                    " (id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, name TEXT)");
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Execute the query

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EDIT: Based on your feedback, it looks like you are using this API, which provides this delete method. My guess is that you would do this:

public void delete(int id) {
    this.db.delete(TABLE_NAME, 'id = ?', new String[] { id.toString() });

(Original answer...)

Use a DELETE statement with a WHERE clause that deletes only the row with the id you want to remove:

DELETE FROM <tablename> WHERE id = ?

Of course, you need to know the id in order to do this. SQLite provides a function — sqlite3_last_insert_rowid() — that you can call immediately after an INSERT. If your API doesn't provide this function directly, you can get it indirectly via the equivalent SQL function:

SELECT last_insert_rowid()

Alernatively if you want to delete a certain name (assuming it's unique):

DELETE FROM <tablename> WHERE name = ?
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what's confusing me is that i cant just type that code,i thought it has to look like this public void delete(String id) { this.db.delete(TABLE_NUM,"id =?",null); } – Mark Jan 28 '11 at 5:40
@Mark: Ah, it just occurred to me that you are using a specific SQLite wrapper (Android, perhaps?) that provides a convenience delete method. It will help a lot if you: a) indicate your OS/language/SDK; b) include in the question your failed attempt to implement deletion. – Marcelo Cantos Jan 28 '11 at 9:38

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