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I am going to use JQuery UI Tabs Plugin on my web application.

And now I need some suggestions to resolve problems.

First, I want to the new added tab to be selected when new tab and its contents had been created. E.g. When I click to make a new tab ,the new tab and its contents should be display as soon as possible.

Second, I need a button beside tab-list [ should be the last tab ] to create a new blank tab and contents.Just link firefox or chrome's tab style.So,I can let the user to load the new contents by himself.

Thank you very much for any kind of suggestions !!

[UPDATE] To switch the new created Tab.There is a plugin option to do it:


Zero-based index of the tab to be selected on initialization. To set all tabs to unselected pass -1 as value.

Code examples

Initialize a tabs with the selected option specified.
$( ".selector" ).tabs({ selected: 3 });
Get or set the selected option, after init.
var selected = $( ".selector" ).tabs( "option", "selected" );
$( ".selector" ).tabs( "option", "selected", 3 );
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when u create a new tab add the class .ui-tabs-selected to the newly created tab... u can use $("#idOfNewlyCreatedTab").addClass(".ui-tabs-selected") and make sure to remove this class from the previously currently selected tab...

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Thanks. But in this way I had to do lots of addClass() and removeClass(). I'll try it later . –  qinHaiXiang Jan 28 '11 at 6:29

Alternatively, you can use a global variable like "tabCounter" that is incremented and decremented as tabs are added or removed.

To add a new tab, set its URL, and then switch to the newly added tab, you can do this:

function addTab(tabTitle, url) {
   // Add the tab
   $tabs.tabs("add", "#tabs-" + tabCounter, tabTitle);

   // Set the url of the new tab
   $tabs.tabs("url", tabCounter, url);

   // Switch to the tab.
   $tabs.tabs("select", tabCounter);

   // Increment the tab counter.
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